Freestyle Options Cashback – Our Traders Never Lose

Our Traders Never Lose

Trade To Earn Diamonds That Can Be Redeemed for trading signals and prizes

Open and fund an account, start trading and get rewarded with Diamond points from Freestyle Options!

The number of Diamonds depends on your trading volume – the more your trade the more Diamonds you get!

The more Diamonds you have on your account, the more Prizes you can receive.

How It Works

1) Every trade you place on your account counts towards generating Diamonds

2) Losing trades bring you more Diamonds than winning trades thus compensating for a loss.

The Diamonds formula is as follows:

For Losing trades: Diamonds = Trading amount*0.2

For Winning trades: Diamonds = (Trading amount*0.2)/2

3) Every Friday we deduct 20% of the Diamonds left unused on your balance.

The service is available exclusively for Freestyle Options Live Accounts holders. No Deposit Bonus or Demo accounts are not eligible for participation.

Have a great Trading and enjoy variety of prizes!

Cashback offer is not applicable to the accounts with trading bonus.